Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
Stowe Mtn

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Smokys at Lake George

April ended well, with the biggest pocket of smokys I've ever worked on.  The excavation was about 5 feet deep and measured about 10 feet across. While the collapsed pocket was not nearly this big (1ft deep by about 3ft across), the excavation was required to ensure crystals were taken out without damage. Many of the smokys exceeded 4 inches and length.  Below is a photo record of the find. My partner Bob made the discovery in an area we have been prospecting for about a year.  We shall return!
Pocket is opening up with smoky quartz appearing

Smoky Quartz crystals are now popping up as we dig further down

Careful extraction is key to preserving 1 billion yr old crystals

Some crystals nearly cleaned up for display
Bob ensuring all crystals are removed from pocket
Crystal grouping preserved in mud

Finished product one of several 5 inch crystals

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