Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goethite at Lake George

While not as exciting or difficult as removing smokys in the previous post. The hike to where I found the goethite with smokys was rather arduous.  I hiked into an area of the Lake George Intrusive that I've prospected before.  Bob (my rock hounding buddy) and I have prospected this area several times, often with success.  I dug into an area of quartz and was about to give up digging when I noted the color of the dirt changed from brown to yellow (a good sign).  I immediately hit groupings of goethite and quartz.  The quartz was infused with goethite to give some crystals brown and others a purple color (amethyst).  In the past the mineral combination was called onegite, which is easier to say than quartz infused with goethite sprays...
Below are some pictures of my finds.  Bob was gracious enough to assist in taking zoom-in pictures of parts of the onegite (see last picture).
Onegite specimens

Goethite and quartz (onegite)

Nice display piece with goethite spray at bottom with quartz

Onegite scepter magnified 40X

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