Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lake George smoky quartz fluorite amazonite and more!

Pikes Peak: The morning started out a little foggy, but cleared up quickly

We arrived at Lake George CO in Park County around 9AM.  It was a chilly start, but warmed up quickly.

We went to a claim where we have permission to prospect and spent the better part of the day poking around for crystals.  By around 2pm Al, found a nice pocket and we helped him clean it out.  Al is new to crystal hunting, and we tried to give him some pointers, but he is mainly looking for quartz to cut for jewelry.  Seemed a shame to cut some of these up, but they are his to do with as he pleases.

Al and Bob posing for pictures with a 4 inch smoky

Here you can see one of the smokys pulled from the pocket.  We had found some pockets here before and figured it would be a good spot for Al to potentially find something.  The following pictures show a picture of the pocket and a pile of crystals.  I wouldn't recommend stacking crystals like this, but Al will be cutting most of them up anyway (pity).  I would say he found a few nice plates (up to 6 inches across)  a few small fluorites (purple) I believe which were less than an inch, and over 100 smoky crystals ranging in size from .5 to 5 inches.  We have dubbed this the "Good Friday" pocket.  Quite a nice find for a newbee rock hound!

Crystals popping up

Pocket just about cleaned out

The crystal Booty!  (Biggest crystal here is 4 inches)  About half the haul

Bob double checking pocket to ensure it is really clean out.

Smokys ready to pluck from the "Good Friday" pocket
"Good Friday" Smokys cleaned up a little


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