Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
Stowe Mtn

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Large Crystals at Lake George

Back to Lake George to dig crystals again today. We had planned to go to a certain spot, but I never got there. Only 5 minutes into the hike I found a spot good enough to spend the afternoon. I'm guessing I walked across this spot about 50 times and though I had poked my pick axe into the grey quartz a few times I had never given the spot much credit. Figured it was so close to the parking area and no other digs were around there probably wasn't anything there. I dug into the quartz and was soon pulling out large quartz chunks with faces. Hmm seems to me somebody should have found this by now! Digging along I quickly hit a large quartz crystal, one of the biggest I've ever found. Unfortunately it is heavily fractured and more of a grey than the more desirable smoky quartz.
Heavily fractured 10" crystal... it will make a nice yard rock!
I continued the dig finding several quartz points mixed in with quartz shards. I followed a smooth quartz face down and it ended up being a quartz crystal of nearly 6 inches with nice girth!
After shredding the finger tips of my gloves in the uncooperative grey quartz and pulling out a few crystals points the quartz disappeared in country rock so I went prospecting. I discovered several older digs up a hill with amazonite pieces scattered about the debris piles. Did the previous prospector get all the crystals? I may have to try my luck there another time
Best of the lot

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