Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
Stowe Mtn

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Following The Crystal Float at Lake George

Crystal Mass on Boulder
Today was set aside for prospecting as I had cleaned out my latest pocket. I revisited one spot where I had found hooded quartz, but after double-checking that site I decided it was time to move on. I walked for about 2 miles picking away at some of the white quartz I saw along the way. Nothing much interested me until I found a white quartz crystal. I looked up the hill and soon found a small broken smoky crystal, soon the quartz with faces started to multiply and I figured I would soon be digging out a pocket. I looked up the hill and saw no discernible digs, so figured I would keep prospecting up the hill until I hit pay-dirt. I was working along a large boulder to my left and soon came upon a small rock ledge in front of me as I bypassed the rock ledge I immediately ran out of quartz. So either the pocket was under the rock ledge or crystals had collected on the downhill side of the ledge. I looked again up the hill, no digs. Then the boulder to my left caught my eye. About 10 feet up the boulder someone had been chiseling quartz crystals out of the rock.
Small Vugs With Hidden Crystals
As a rookie I had tried this a few times but mostly came up with fractured crystals. I inspected the area hoping for topaz in the rock and after searching a couple voids decided to move on. I was glad not to have spent a lot of time digging at this spot and decided to leave the crystal-bearing rocks to someone else who may chance upon it to take a few pictures.
Goethite In A Vug

I pretty much got shut out this day, but I enjoyed the late cool summer day by getting in a rather strenuous hike.


  1. I love Rockhound at Lake George. One days hope to find amazonite. Thanks for your detailed descriptions. I enjoy reading your blogs

  2. You're welcome, the blog is meant to enjoy and inform... glad you like it