Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
Stowe Mtn

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park

 Rocky Mountain National Park was fairly frozen at the top.
Here is a picture of Longs Peak a 14000ft Mountain in the Park.
To the right is me in front of a 10ft pile of snow by the road.
There is a road called Trail Ridge road which has an elevation in excess of 12,000ft.  This road opened after a long winter on 7 Jun.
 There are more animals in the Park than they know what to do with, primarily elk and deer.  The elk population is eating themselves out of their home.  We noted several 8ft high fences around willows and aspen trees trying to promote and protect new growth in the Park.  I think calving season was late May as we saw a few baby elk running about.
 The somewhat more elusive big horn sheep were still at lower elevations as well due to the snow.  Here is one taking a look at the us.

Not sure what kind of golf score the people below get, but the elk seemed to tolerate golfers as long as they maintained a 20 foot distance.  I saw a ball bounce off an elk and it hardly even startled it.

 Here is Bear Lake, about 10,500ft.  We've taken some nice hikes around the lake, but that was not to be this visit.

We did visit Sprague Lake, here we are enjoying the warm rays of early summer.  We were able to hike around this lake with little snow in the way.  We also saw a lady catch a small trout.

Below is a picture of a Rock shop in town.  The people were friendly and they had a number of rocks from the area.  The owner was especially proud of his petrified wood and rose quartz.

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