Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some Success Rock Hounding at Lake George

Greetings From Lake George

Today Bob and I returned to some of our old digs at Lake George. Bob dug on a pegmatite we had pulled out some nice fluorite in years past and I went back to an amazonite/smoky dig where I had found some excellent specimens. We spent a couple hours rechecking these sites with no success. We then moved on to another pegmatite where there is a lot of white quartz, but had little success. This particular site had been worked over by others several years ago. A couple years ago I found some fine onegite at this site and so Bob did some digging in that area,
Bob Checking Out Some Onegite Plates
and I did some digging along the quartz seam. I worked the quartz seam finding occasional crystals until a small pocket formed. The small pocket contained a couple of small plates which contained microcline, smokys and small fluorites. I thought I was going to find something really good when I broke into the pocket and found a large void behind it. Hoping the void would be pregnant with crystals I tore apart the country rock surrounding the void but found only dirt. Studying the rock around the void, it appeared to be entirely surrounded by country rock. The void was not an extension of the small pocket, but just a jumbled void in the country rock.
Bob found a few small onegite crystals and then a fairly nice smoky at a different dig that the person who had previously dug the site had missed. Bob's smoky was lustrous and well formed. So today we found a few interesting specimens but not the home run we were hoping for. Who knows, maybe the next time out our luck will change and I'll really have something to talk about :-)
Bob Found This Nice Smoky Group

Pocket Revealing Itself

Crystal Growth Exhibited On Pegmatite

Small Plate From Pocket

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