Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Trip to Lake George some Smoky Quartz CSMS

Well, I'm running out of titles for my blog posts so unless I find something special or opine on something other than what I've already discussed the titles will be somewhat uninformative. Anyways I returned to Lake George and planned on doing some prospecting. This particular day I prospected for only about 15 minutes before exposing some smoky quartz shards really close to the surface. Not sure I've ever found so much quartz with such little accompanying pegmatite. I expect the pegmatite that was host to this quartz just crumbled away over the eons and all that was left was the stronger/solid quartz. I called my digging partner Bob over to check it out as I was finding smoky quartz pieces with faces. Bob immediately got to work on the same knoll and hit a better-formed pegmatite and found some amazonite. While I wouldn't say either of us found any trophys, we enjoyed the day and found a few crystals to take home.
Digging through some kinnikinnick

Quartz shards appearing in the dirt, or is it more than just a shard? See below.

More than a shard, best of the lot (see pic above), a nice cathedral crystal (Bob digging out a peg in the background) This crystal grouping, only about 6 inches below the surface was in amazingly good shape!

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