Rockin the Rockies

Rockin the Rockies
Stowe Mtn

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rockhounding Pikes Peak

A friend of a friend of a friend said they knew where we could rock hound on Pikes Peak and find nice big smoky quartz crystals.  Well this is not the last red herring I will have been on nor the last.  It was a nice day and the forecast was for no thunderstorms (which is rare on Pikes Peak in the summer) so I went with a few freinds.  We started out around 630AM from my home and got to the top of Pikes Peak around 830.  I found a few smoky quartz crystals and what I believe to be fluorite, but the directions we had for the honey pot of crystals was somewhat spotty and lacked detail.  We hiked down the Barr Trail from the top of Pikes Peak about 3 miles and did our prospecting.  We had an enjoyable day and made it back to the top around 630PM.  The hike back up was difficult and I was almost glad I didn't have a backpack full of crystals.

We left Barr Trail and hiked around some boulders to the suggested spot.  At first I tried to step lightly on the Alpine tundra, but I soon realized my safety was more important and walked where my feet were securely planted.
Reservoir looking east from PP
 Here is a picture of one of the high mountain reservoirs.  The last couple of winters have been very dry and the reservoirs are somewhat low this year.  Hopefully the summer monsoon rains will come soon and help alleviate the drought we are experiencing. 
Big granite rocks

That's why they call them the Rockies!

In this picture you can see some friends prospecting in the middle of the picture (you may have to zoom in on the center).

When the animals come out to play its time to get off the mountains.  This deer blended in so well in the evening dusk that I almost missed her.

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